How to ship

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Instructions to send your hearing aid(s) for repair:

    • Place hearing aid(s) in a crush-proof box (tip: you can also place your hearing aid inside a pill or vitamin bottle, padded with tissue)
    • Fill out and print the hearing aid repair form. Upon submitting the form you will be taken to a printable page containing your submitted information.
    • Include the printed form in the box with your hearing aid(s). If you do not have access to a printer you may clearly write your name and contact information which we can then match to your repair form submission.
    • If you are getting your hearing aid(s) reprogrammed, then include a recent (within 1 year or less) audiogram
    • If you are getting your hearing aid re-cased, an ear impression is required
    • Ship your hearing aids to:

      Havmeen Hearing Lab
      1401 N Central Expy
      Suite 100-116
      Richardson, TX 75080


Hearing aid(s) will be returned after payment is received. If you know what service your hearing aids require, then it is advised to include the payment for a faster return time.  If you are unsure of the problem and would like an expert opinion call us at (469) 230-2392 before shipping your hearing aids. If the service fee differs from the payment sent, an upcharge will be requested before returning the hearing aids, or a refund will be sent along with the hearing aids.

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