How To Protect Your Hearing Aid From Wax Damage

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Hearing aids are incredible miniaturized pieces of technology that help connect you to the people and the world you love. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly susceptible to damage from ear wax.

After regular ear checkups and cleanings, your biggest defense against hearing aid repairs due to wax damage is a disposable wax protection system. Almost all hearing aids now come equipped with some type of wax guard, also sometimes referred to as a wax trap.

These wax guards protect the hearing aid’s speaker and microphones from becoming blocked or damaged by wax, the most common reasons for hearing aid repair.

When the wax guard becomes plugged with wax your hearing aid may be very weak or provide no amplification at all. Once you have checked to make sure you have a good battery in your hearing aid, the next step in diagnosing a dead or weak hearing aid is to change the wax trap.

The wax trap can be visually inspected for blockage, but you may not always be able to see the blockage. Most wax traps have a network of very small holes or a fine screen that can become plugged with wax or moisture, blocking some or all of the sound.

Each hearing aid manufacturer has their own wax protection system, so if you aren’t familiar with yours, talk to your hearing aid specialist to learn how to change your wax guards.

If your hearing aids do not have a wax protection system your hearing specialist may be able to send them back to the manufacturer to have one added. If your hearing aids are in warranty they may add it at no charge. Even if there is a small fee, the long term savings on hearing aid repairs is well worth it.

If your hearing aids are over 5 years old the manufacturer will most likely not perform any modifications or repairs on your hearing aids. However, you still have options.

At Havmeen Hearing Lab we repair and modify any hearing aids, regardless of their age or brand. You can send us your hearing aid no matter where in the United States – or world – you live. Even better, we offer same-day hearing aid repair, so if you live in, or are visiting the Dallas, Texas area you can visit our hearing aid repair lab in person and walk out with your new wax protection system or repaired hearing aid within 1 – 2 hours.

If you would like to speak with one of our experts about adding a wax protection system to your hearing aids, call us at (469) 230-2392, or drop by our hearing aid repair lab.

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