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Hearing Aid Repair

  • All Hearing Aid Brands
  • All Ages of Hearing Aids
  • Work Directly With the Hearing Aid Repair Lab

Hearing Aids Repaired in-house

All hearing aid repairs are done in our repair lab. We do not outsource our repairs to other companies so you save money by skipping the middleman. You are in control of your hearing aid repair - not your hearing aid dispenser, so If you have any questions about your repair, just ask us yourself!

Same Day Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aid repairs can usually be completed within 3 hours, so if you live in the Dallas, Tx area you can pick up your hearing aid the same day! We try to repair your hearing aids as quickly as possible, because life, friends, and family are too important to miss out on. Don't miss another moment - get your hearing aid repaired with us today!


All hearing aid repairs come with free return shipping within the United States. Shipping time is 2-3 days, but overnight shipping is also available. If you are outside of the United States please contact us for a quote. Or if you're in the Dallas area, come by our repair lab to pick your hearing aid up!

How to ship?

Why choose us?

When you take your hearing aid to your local hearing aid dispenser or audiologist they will usually send it to the manufacturer and charge you as much as $600 per hearing aid repair, or more!

Our hearing aid repairs come with a 6-month warranty and since you skip the middleman you only pay $275 per hearing aid repair. Return shipping is included at no charge.

Our standard hearing aid repair covers all of the hearing aid components that most commonly fail like the speaker, microphone, battery door, buttons, wires etc.

If there are any additional charges to repair your hearing aid we will contact you for authorization in advance before proceeding.

Some of The Brands We Repair

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